Are you a BzzAgent?

bee_logo_Have you heard about BzzAgent?

It is a website where you are sent samples to try for free all you need to give is feedback and it is very easy to join. It takes just a couple of minutes and anyone age 13 or over can sign up for an account. Membership is available in the US, UK and Canada. I have been a member since 2012 and I have had lots of fun campaigns. Once you sign up and have filled out your profile you then do some surveys so you can be offered campaigns that fit your needs.

When you are offered a campaign you have to be quick to join it as they do fill up very fast. I have missed out on some that I would have liked to join but I did not see the email quick enough. So check your emails, and login to your account often!

You bzz by talking to others about the product but remember to always disclose that you are a BzzAgent. After you’ve tried a product, discussed it with your family, friends and colleagues then you need to report back on what you and they thought about it. Give your honest opinion, feedback does not always need to be positive. When you submit your reports they will be reviewed and scored. The more you bzz the better your score gets. Yes, you get a score and the higher it is the more campaigns you are offered.

So join up if this sounds like fun to you, I think it is!


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