B. Baa Baa Barn Toy Review

Hi everyone, hope you are all well! Today I am going to be reviewing the Baa Baa Barn from B. Toys. I purchased this barn for my daughter last christmas, and it was such a huge hit I wanted to share it with you all. Let me tell you we love B. Toys in this house, they are colourful, educational, fun and they really stand out amongst all the many toys on the market.


(How did B.come to be)  We dreamt it.  After decades of making toys, a team of designer-friends at DoodleDo, in partnership with family-run manufacturer Battat, decided it was time for toys that made a difference.  To the world and the children in it. As parents we all hold the opportunity of a lifetime, literally, in our hands.  The formation of little humans is our legacy, our gift to the world. Who those children become happens in the daily decisions, in the fleeting moments of everyday life.  Even in what toys kids play with. At the end of the day, we all buy toys to help us raise our kids. Good and happy kids. Fair. Honest. Kind. Good. Happy. Hence our toys.  With the one-letter name. Creative, intelligent, delightful. And much more important, generous –– the way we want our kids to B.



Barn Doors

First off I want to talk about just how adorable this barn is, I mean if you were a toddler would it not attract your attention? I’m an adult, sometimes and I want to play with it! The barn comes with a horse, cow, sheep and pig. When you place an animal inside the barn doors a song will play, each animal has a different fun song. The songs are quite funny and I do not find them irritating like some toys can be. My daughter loves the songs and is always placing the animals inside to hear them. When you open and close the barn doors the lights will turn on which is a very cute feature.  If you slide the little mouse at the front of the barn the chicken will jump and bock. My daughter loves the chicken and is constantly sliding the mouse back and forth.





On the top of the barn is a little hatch you can open to see a friendly little bat waiting to say hi!  To the side of the barn is a ladybird that you can zig-zag back and forth. It comes with two balls, that can be put down the silo which is great fun and wonderful for developing those fine motor skills. This barn has a little carry handle at the top which makes taking it from room to room very easy and convenient. The quality of this barn is really good, it is a nice sturdy toy that I see lasting a long time . Overall I would rate this toy highly, it’s fun, educational, has many features and keeps the kids coming back for more.


Back of the Barn

Let me know your thoughts, are you a fan of B.Toys? If you would like to check out the barn, they are sold on many websites like smyths, and Amazon


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