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Disappearing Acts By Isabella Bunnell is a new search and find book not to be missed. This beautifully illustrated book from Cicada books will teach both you and your children all about the endangered animals and eco-systems in which they live. As you turn each colourful page you have to search and find the animals that are hiding within their habitats, from a snow leopard to a green-sea turtle. When you have finished finding all the animals you can learn about them with detailed information such as where they are located, how many in that species remain and why they are endangered.


Disappearing Acts

We ventured outdoors to explore and read as it just seemed a perfect place to learn about some very important animals. Freya had so much fun searching for the animals and she loved all the vibrant colours on each page. Disappearing Acts filled a fun afternoon of finding animals, talking about them and even doing some exploring outside to go hunt for animals around where we live. I feel that educating children on the importance of endangered animals is not one to be missed and this book does this exceptionally well.

Searching For Animals


Finding Animals


Exploring The Book

The Illustrations are just unbelievably gorgeous and so colourful. When I first received the book I just stared at each page for a long time taking it all in, there is so much to see!

It is such a lovely book that will grow with your child as they develop from doing the search and find to reading all about the endangered species.  The book is a hardcover with a linen spine and thick heavy-duty pages that are not easy for little hands to rip. I would highly recommend this book as it is one to treasure and raise awareness. The retail value is £11.95 which I think is a great price for the quality and information that you receive. Overall we really loved this book and I will go more into more detail with my daughter about this very serious topic as she gets a bit older.




Illustrations 2

*Disclaimer- I was sent this book to review, all opinions are my own.

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