Freya Is Three Years Old.


I have been wanting to do this blog post ever since Freyas birthday but we have all been so very sick! :/ Freya turned three on the 16th February, how is this possible already, I ask myself? Every year I am amazed at how fast it goes and how quickly children grow, please slow down some now, thanks. We decided not to do a party with lots of children just yet as she has so much time for those in the future. We had a quiet little birthday with just family and it was lovely, we served a mix of Mexican dishes with chips and guacamole. Freya is not yet into asking for a certain theme or characters for her birthday so I decided to just go with bright colours. We found a fun bouncy castle from Costco and filled it up with balls and balloons, it was a hit with the birthday girl and her cousin.  


I wanted to make Freya a special cake but I was also worried if I made an animal shaped cake and then we cut into it she may get upset. I decided to go with a sprinkle rainbow cake which she loved and I warn you, almost a month later I am still finding sprinkles here and there, hard to get rid of the little suckers!This is the first birthday Freya has not been sacred to blow out her candles, on her first birthday she was terrified and she cried a lot. It did not get much better by her second birthday, I felt so bad that she would get so upset over the candles but it did not phase her this year which is great. After a few bites of cake, (she’s not a big sweet eater) it was time to open gifts. She was well spoilt this year and received many lovely things, too many to list. Freya is really into Dinosaurs lately so we picked her up a few toys from the film, The Good Dinosaur.



Our big gift to her this year was this amazing kitchen from Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen, she adores it and plays with it everyday. My side of the family who could not attend the party as they all live in the US sent her more amazing gifts which we opened on face time with them later in the day. After presents were all open, more time was spent in the bouncy castle, cats were chased and much fun was had. It was a lovely Birthday!





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