Freya’s 2.5 Year Update

Hi everyone-

Freya turned two and a half in August and I really wanted to get this up sooner, bad me! I cannot believe she is two and a half already, time is speeding by, way to quickly! Freya is quite the little character, she is clever, silly, a bit stubborn at times and very loving.



  • Freya is a very tall toddler, it is what everyone comments on first, “oh she’s tall for her age, isn’t she?”
  • Her height is 38 inches/96 cm and her weight is 32lbs/14.5kg. She is in 2-3 year clothing, her torso is long so she outgrows her tops more quickly then her pants.

Cheesy grin


  • Freya has always been very healthy, she gets colds now and again but nothing serious. I think she may be getting her 2 year molars as her hands are always in her mouth lately.


    On a shopping cart


  • Freya has lots of words in her vocabulary and does speak in sentences. She has her moments where we cannot understand a thing she says, but she looks at us like we should! I think its pretty normal for 2 year olds to not make complete sense at times though. A new thing she does is someone holding up a toy like a soft dog and asking her if it is a cat and does it go meow? she will shake her head she no, no, no thats a dog and it goes woof.

Favourite Foods

  • Spinach
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Wheatabix
  • Yoghurt
  • Banana/Veggie Chips
  • Apple Sauce
  • Raisins
  • Carrot Sticks
  • Cucumbers


    Bun in mouth

Favourite Toys

  • Cats– she adores cats so her soft cat toys and plastic figures are a big hit.
  • Jellycat Bunnies– Freya has a little family of 6 she is always carrying around.
  • Animals– She loves animals in general so can spend a long time playing with her barn and animals.
  • Puzzles– Some days she cannot get enough, she asks for puzzle after puzzle.
  • Colouring– Definitely a big hit, especially black crayons ;)



Favourite things to do

  • Swing– Freya could live in a swing if I let her, once we get to the park its the only thing she wants to do, and she never wants to get off, some tantrums are had afterwards.
  • Books- She has a love of books just as I did at her age. We read lots of books everyday and she also loves to read them to herself, it’s adorable.
  • Making New Friends- Freya lights up around other children and is happy to make new friends wherever she goes.
  • Be my shadow- My little shadow, she is never far behind. She loves to follow me around all day.




  • Freya sleeps really well, has since she was 7 months old so I cannot complain. She normally sleeps from 8:30pm to 9am in the morning, some days a little more, some a little less. Most mornings you do not know she is awake yet as she will just lay in her bed quietly. She is not currently napping much, only on days where she does more then normal and needs a nap, I miss those naps! ;)


  • Jumping– She can now jump properly, before she would pick up her heels only when asked to jump.
  • Slide– She has been using a little play slide at home and loves it, though still does not want to go on the ones at the park.
  • Climbing Stairs- She has gotten pretty good at holding the rail and walking up stairs.
  • Alphabet,Counting- Can recite the whole alphabet and count 1 to 20.
  • Shapes, colours- knows all her shapes and colours.



Potty Training

  • We are just beginning to potty train, I did not want to rush it as she was not showing any signs she was ready. We were also in the US for over a month so did not want to start before our trip or during. Got any tips, wold love to hear them? :)


  • Freya is not currently in any nursery or school, though we plan to start after she turns three in February. We do go to playgroups at least a few times a week, plus the library, and many park adventures.

I think that is pretty much all, hope you enjoyed this update, take care guys!




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