My Box Office

Interested in some fun days/evenings out with your family over the holidays? Have some in-laws coming to stay with you that you need to entertain? Well have you heard of My Box Office ?


My Box Office offers members the opportunity to see a wide range of shows for a fantastic price – in many cases for free! The reason we can do this is many events have special performances, previews or press nights and want to ensure houses are as full as possible. For this reason, many of our ticket offers will be at very short notice (many times on the actual day of the event. If this sounds like something for you, please join up as a member, giving us as much information as possible so that we can tailor shows to suit you.

Registering is free, easy and does not take more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time. When registering you pick categories for films, concerts, shows and sporting events, you then will receive an email, text or phone call when tickets become available. Tickets are last minute so it is important you get into contact quickly if you would like to attend.

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