My Toddlers Room/Organising a toddlers room

Hi everyone, I have wanted to make a blog post about Freya’s room for awhile now. It is really hard to take photos of her room with her in the room destroying it while attempting to take photos, haha! I have always loved lots of colours and decided early on not to really do a theme in her room but just lots of vibrant colours. I I do not know about you but I find decorating nurseries/kid rooms way more fun than the rest of the house! :)


I will start with her bed, she started off in a different cot but about 4 months ago we decided to purchase a Stokke Sleepi as we were really disappointed in the quality of her previous cot. The Sleepi is a gorgeous cot even though a bit pricey but we feel it is an investment. It is usually more full with all her stuffed friends but I evicted many for the purpose of this photo. Freya is a very tall two year old but the cot still has plenty of room for her to grow into before we need to buy the extenders. As for the decorations above her bed, I saw the Bob Marley lyrics wall art and knew I just had to have it for her room, adore it! I really was not sure what to put above Freya’s cot as the ceilings are very high so hanging anything was out of the question. I found these cute items and just kinda put it all together one day and I really like how it turned out.


Freya’s STOKKE Sleppi

On the opposite wall to her cot is the amazing Kallax shelving unit from IKEA. I love this unit, it holds so much and makes the room look nice and neat, of course only when said toddler is not in the room. Really it holds so much, there are lots of toys hidden away in those bins! So if your toddler room is frustrating you and you have room for this unit, I would really recommend it. If you want to know where any of the toys came from let me know and I will figure it all out! :)


IKEA Kallax

Next to her cot is a little reading area, she has so many books and more in other parts of the house too! We love books, and she is constantly bringing them over for me to read or reading to herself which is adorable. I also have a thing for baskets, I love baskets as they are so useful at organising and making things look tidy. But of course these cute shelves came from ikea, they are actually the Ribba picture ledges. I love them as they hold quite a few books and are super cheap!


IKEA Ribba picture ledges

Up next is her table also from IKEA, starting to feel like an IKEA ad now! I am not advertising IKEA products honest! I loved this adorable little table that is a nice sturdy plastic and do not need to worry about her falling over and smacking her head on it because she is clumsy!  She loves to draw,play with her duplos and of course her farm/animals on the table. Above her table is a little organiser I have had since she was tiny and decided it would look cute up on her wall with some friends in it.


IKEA MAMMUT table and chair set.

In the corner we have her Easel, one side is magnetic and the other is a chalk board. It also has paper you can pull down to draw on, which we love. She loves to draw and play with chalk but not so much painting yet as she finds it too messy. Freya loves to play with her magnetic letters and animals making up little stories. She has only had the easel for a few months but I think it is a must for a toddler, such a great learning tool.


Janod Easel

Here we have a little shelf that has some of her mementos. In the cute little suitcases are cards from when she was born and her birthdays. Also soft toys given by family members and a gorgeous snow-globe my mother got her with her name and birthdate engraved. We also found this cute little wooden toy with her name on it from Hamleys. We have a radio up on the shelf as she loves music and it stays safely out of her reach.


Shelf of Mementos

Lastly we have a cozy chair to read lots of books in. On one side of her chair is another great organising tool which I keep most of her soft toys contained in. These baskets are actually for balls but I thought hey why not use for soft toys and they hold lots!



Thats all for now, hope you enjoyed the post. How did you decorate/organise your toddlers room? I would love to read or see, I am always on the lookout for new ideas. Thanks for coming by to visit and if you have any questions about anything in her room, just leave a comment, send me a tweet or email me. See you all soon!


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