Our 2016 Goals


I have been wanting to write this post since January, and I keep moving it to the back-burner, oops! Well here we go…:)

Move House

We have been in our current rented flat for several years and it really is the time to move. Freya will be going to nursery soon and we do not like the area. Also our upstairs neighbours are made of nightmares, they are rude, loud and even though we have spoken to them nicely they will not compromise in the slightest.

Find Freya A Nursery

This comes after moving as we have no idea the area of London to which we will be moving. I really wish we knew now but we have to wait a few months.

Be More Organised

I really need to be more organised, I know it`s in me but it just does not happen. I do a little bit of organising but then I just stop and the house is messy again. I watch a lot of organising videos on YouTube which give me great ideas and get me pumped. I think once your house is completely organised much of your day-to-day stress is lifted which would be amazing.

Get Freya Potty Trained

We have been trying off and on for the last few months to potty train but she is having none of it. Freya screams when placed on the potty and cries the entire time, I have tried every distraction possible. I have also tried bribing with her favourite treats and stickers, she is not interested. I have done a lot of reading and come to the conclusion that she is just not ready. She just needs a bit more time and  hopefully we can conquer potty training very soon!

Make Some New Friends

This is one of my more sensitive goals but I would really like to make some new mum friends. I have taken Freya to plenty of groups/classes but I have not made a single mum friend. I sometimes feel that when I join a class the mums have already been there awhile and formed little groups of friends. I try to start-up conversations but they never seem to go beyond a few sentences and then they are distracted. I would love someone to have coffee with, share parenting tips or just vent our frustrations.

Visit More With Family

My family all live in the US so we do not get to see each other very much. We have been to the US about four times since Freya was born and my mother has been here three times. None of my other family members have been able to visit for various reasons. My daughter has a great relationship with my in-laws but I just wish she was about to see my side of the family more often and build a stronger bond with them.

Change My Blog Theme

While I like this theme a lot it is truly frustrating to me. Posts that should take say two hours end up taking three hours because of the way it was designed. This theme is just too finicky for my likes, I try to quote something and it just throws them around random words in the next paragraph. Also, not a fan of how the text wraps around the column on the left, it causes me unneeded stress and precious time. As you know we mums do not have much time to ourselves so a new look to my blog is coming soon!


So these are my goals for 2016, what are some of yours?

Nicole xx


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