REVIEW: Playing With Food Activity Book

Playing with Food
We were recently contacted by Ziggy at Cicada Books and asked if we would like to review a new activity book based all around food. It is a delightful colourful book that really engages your child to learn all about the different foods of the world. When we received it I was really impressed, I have never seen a book quite like it. It’s a lovely book with lots of fun activities that your child and you can do together!

Lovely Lolly

Lovely Lolly

Lovely Lolly

Lovely Lolly

When my daughter saw the page to colour the ice creams she got really excited as she just loves ice cream! On the page next to it you can also create your own Lollies which is lots of fun.


Potato kebabs

This potato printed kebabs activity is darling. You just need a raw potato which you cut in half and carve shapes into the halves. Then after you have carved your shapes you can paint them and let your child decorate their kebabs! We did not have any potatoes in the house at the time but will be doing this very soon.


Foods of the world

On this page you have different foods to learn from all over the world with bright captivating colours. Freya was very drawn to this page and just spent a long time looking at all the different images.



This is really fun, your kids can draw what they are having for lunch that day and what their dream lunch would be, probably chocolate huh? :)


Breakfasts of the world

Who does not love breakfast? Here you your children can learn all about what is eaten for breakfast in different countries from India to the United States.


Memory Game

Another amazing page in the book is a fun memory game. Have your child cut them out(or an adult if they are to little) and place them face down on the table and see if you can match the pairs. This was just a sample of some of the fun activities in the book , there are many more. If your child loves food or is even a picky eater like mine I would really recommend this fun book that can help them to learn all about different foods. It just may make them better eaters too!

Playing With Food by Louise Lockhart is priced at £12.95 which is really fair in my opinion. Honestly this book is very thick with tons of pages and the book lays flat on the table when opened. I know with a lot of activity books you are fighting with it to get it to stay open so that is a huge plus for me. Freya and I are really enjoying this book, there are still so many fun pages left to do. The only downside I see is that after doing some activities you may be a bit hungry! :)

*Disclaimer- We were sent this book to review, all opinions are our own.

Nicole xx

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