The Benefits of the Bedtime Story


Being read to as a child is one of the many fond memories adults have from their childhood. Being a parent is to successfully find the right balance between supporting their family and spending quality time with their children. In a poll of 2000 mothers only 64% respondents said they read to their children at bedtime. Of the 64% only 13% said they read to their children every night.

Those who said they couldn’t, stated time and stress as the two main reasons why they didn’t. Interestingly the poll found that previous generations read to their children more frequently than today’s parents. 75% of mothers polled stated that they remember having a bedtime story read to them every night. Like many things in life parents look back with nostalgia but don’t include what they deem important to their own lives to their children’s upbringing.

With more parents struggling to find the time it is important that they are aware of the benefits of the bedtime story. In recent years research has revealed that reading to children at a very early age often activates the part of the brain allows them to understand the meaning of language. The researchers attached brain scanners to young children as they listened to stories being read to them. The scanners revealed increased activity in the areas of the brain connected with visual imagery and language.

For parents who find getting their children interested in books difficult the advice given by a primary school teacher is to be positive and enthusiastic yourself. The teacher goes on to explain how children are like sponges and that if you are enjoying (or pretending to enjoy) then it will make it a fun experience for you both. Another top tip from the teacher is to put on subtitles for films and introduce your children to comics.

All parents want the best for their children and hope that they are building solid foundations for them grow upon. made a list of 14 benefits of reading to children and included how bedtime stories can increase their IQ by six points. They also point out the link that preschool children exposed to books tend to do better at school.

There are many great books to get your children interested in books. On this site we reviewed Disappearing Acts by Isabella Bunnell and described how by taking the book outside increased Freya’s enjoyment. Children love to interact with their environment and taking a book on holiday or on an outing is also a great way to help your child learn.

Reading to children has never been more important than now. We live in a world full of distractions. With the increase in technology resulting in children becoming less exposed to books it is up to parents to encourage the love of reading. Reading to children from an early age has many benefits and will help them not just through school but their entire life.

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