The People Upstairs.

I warn you that this is going to be a bit of a rant but it is much needed for my sanity!

We live in a very old building and our upstairs neighbours have a toddler as do we but the noise from them is insane! I am not sure if this child ever goes outside to play as from about seven in the morning until 11 at night she runs from one side of the flat to the other, she never seems to walk. It is not just the running but more so the heavy stomping, thud thud thud all day.

It sounds like small herds of animals running upstairs most days and it really stresses us all out. In the evening it seems they are having some type of bowling competition above our living room, just the constant sound of something hard smacking the floor.

I do have daydreams about renting the flat above them and letting loose about 50 children with bouncy balls, hehe. We have talked to these neighbours about the noise but we get lots of silly excuses and that the floors are thin, which they are. They are not supposed to have hard wood flooring but they do and they could at least get some throw rugs as that would help with the noise.

We have contacted our landlord several times but nothing was done, the only solution is to move. I understand kids make noise as Freya creates her fair share but I do not let her run crazily in the house, she does most of that outside.

When I think logically about it i’m ok with the noise until about 7 pm but then I think it should be relatively quiet so one can at least enjoy Game Of Thrones in peace! :)

Life is hard enough with a toddler but if my downstairs neighbours came to me about noise I would do everything I could to make it better. I was just sitting here trying to calm myself down while my daughter had her dinner and had an urge to write through my annoyance and help me destress some.  So tell me do any of you have neighbours that stress you out?

Sorry for my big ole rant. :)



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