The terrible twos or is it the terrible threes?!

When my daughter was one I was warned that once she hit two years old I should watch out for those terrible twos. Terrible twos you say or is it terrible threes?  When Freya was two we went through some not so fun times with public tantrums but I had no idea it was about to get ten times harder at three. There are days I just wish I could turn back the clock and poof she would be two again or that I could just hide from her in the bathroom all day.

I am not sure if it is just my daughter but she has to be one of the most stubborn children I have come across. When she does not want to do something, it’s not happening, bribery, etc does not work on her, nope. Recently there has been so much crying, I think she could have filled a small lake by now! She cries at the park, in stores, at birthday parties, basically EVERYWHERE and sometimes the only thing you can do is leave, ugh!


Another stressor is potty training, I get the sweats even thinking about it! Yes, my three-year old is not potty trained yet, the shame! Why do people like to judge and look down at you if your child is not potty trained yet? I feel like you have to follow your childs lead, if they are not ready, then they are not ready! I have been trying for the last several months, even before she turned three, and she just flat out refuses. As soon as she sees the potty chair its like enemy number 1, and she cries no, no, no and runs for the hills. I have accomplished getting her to sit on the chair without the dramatic crying but she then refuses to use it and constantly asks to pull her pants back up. So I am giving her some more time and space and when she’s ready, she will be ready.

I feel like this post is really negative but it’s just what we are going through at the moment and may make someone else who has a three-year old not feel so alone. For now I am just going to grit my teeth and get through it, I know it will soon get better. We also have many good days too with lots of laughter and fun, those give me the will to keep going, haha.

Nicole xx

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